Hubbard, Iowa

I have been doing business at Jessups for years. They are great.

I found this website by accident and cant believe it exists. Can you say slander? I swear this world has become filled with complainers who usually are just working the system. Websites like this just promote that no matter what they say.

I would recommend never advertising on or visiting this website. If any of these people had a just claim they would seek it through legal channels rather than posting on a website in an anonymous manner.

I see none of them leave their real name. Cowards!

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Hesperia, California, United States #596338

Jessup Auto Plaza is located in Cathedral City CA, NOT Iowa and therefore, the review posted by "groll" entitled "Jessup Auto Plaza - Treated me great!!!!!!" is false.

to Poki #597901

I lived in Rancho Mirage in 2007 and 2008 and travel there to visit every winter.


You Sir are a Troll.

And this is my real name

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